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Co-Ed U14 Tryout Results

Thank you to all players that participated in this year's tryout. It's always gratifying to see returning Pirates improve their skillsets from last year and the new talent from first year Pirates. It is recognized that this is both and exiting and stressful time of the year for both players and coaches. Tryouts are a fair process that allows players to showcase their abilities. Every year some players are overjoyed with their placement and some are very disappointed. Sometimes it is a very fine line between players and an appropriate roster size. Every intention possible is made to ensure all players are appropriately placed for their growth and development as soccer players. If your son or daughter is disappointed, ask them if they have been working on their foot skills 2 – 4 times a week outside of practice. Players are allowed to ask the coach of the team they felt they should be on if they could practice with that team when their team does NOT have practice. These additional touches will help them improve their skills quicker.


For any questions with respect to tryouts and/or tryout results, please contact the coordinator FIRST. If required please contact Chris Stack at or Carlos Williams at with any other questions.

BU14A - Coach Joe Tavares

BU14B1 - Coach Jim McEvoy

BU14B2 - Coach Chad Piacenti

Boahin, M.
Bordonaro, M.
Callahan, L.
Chevalier, E.
Di Napoli, M.
LaFrance, B.
Mailloux, L.
McHugh, C.
McNeilly, C.
Nicholson, C.
Renault, P.
Shea, N.
Smith, S.
Tavares, M.
Taylor, D.

Germain, D.
Gibson, H.
Kane, J.
Karousos, A.
Lacy, K.
McCarthy, C.
McEvoy, A.
Parsons, J.
Raposo, E.
Roy, S.
Silvia, D.
Thieme, S.
Yates, R.

Alia, C.
Craffey, A.
DiNovella, S.
Ferreira, J.
Ferreira, L.
Foley, O.
Griswold, I.
Hopton, J.
Lawson, J.
Lopes, M.
Marion, P.
Piacenti, A.
Pitcher, R.
Raposo, C.
Smaldone, M.
Tibbetts, B.