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Codes of Conduct for Coaches

  • You are an assistant to the game in teaching players and an assistant to the players in furthering their understanding of the game.

  • Prepare your practice sessions. Meet realistic challenges of the game. Give your players the chance to make their own decisions.

  • Players play for enjoyment. Winning is only part of the game. Never ridicule or yell at the players for making mistakes or losing a competition.

  • Be organized at all times. Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are appropriate to age and ability of your players.

  • Soccer is regarded as a players’ game. It can also be enjoyed by non-players (coaches, referees, spectators etc…). Be enthusiastic! Make it FUN for everyone!

  • Teach your players the rules of the game.

  • Recognize the importance of your behavior at games. Criticism (any) of the referees sets a poor example for players and spectators/parents and will not be tolerated.

  • Be sporting to your opponents and the referee both in victory and in defeat.

  • Allow your own personality to be reflected at practice and at games. Do not try to copy someone else’s style.

  • Use GOOD JUDGMENT and LEADERSHIP. PYSA is a non-profit volunteer community sports organization for young people. You represent the organization. You also represent your team’s sponsor. Do not abuse this position or take it lightly. Volunteer coaches’ influence can span a lifetime. Our young people look up to you and this community and our sponsors trust you to do your very best!

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