Portsmouth Soccer Summer Recreation Program

Portsmouth Youth Soccer Association - PYSA

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Codes of Conduct for Players

  • Play soccer for your enjoyment of the game. Do not play just to please other people.

  • Play at a level of competition, which is challenging and stimulating, to you. Competition, which is too easy or too hard, will not be enjoyable.

  • Play by the rules. Never argue with the officials’ decisions.

  • Try your best in every game to win within the rules.

  • Cooperate with your coach and teammates. Be a team player. (Remember, there is no "I" in the word team!)

  • Be sporting to your opponents both in victory and in defeat.

  • Learn from your mistakes. Work hard in practice to improve technique and decision making. Listen to your coach and to other players.

  • Encourage and support your teammates. Pass the ball to them. Help others to gain confidence, strength and skill.

  • Be the best player you can be.

  • Wear your uniform with pride! Show your appreciation and support for your team’s sponsor and the PYSA.

  • Have fun !

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