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Zero Tolerance Policy

NO ONE is to address the referee during a PYSA game. No one is to comment on or about the performance, or "call" of a referee, while at a PYSA field site. Exceptions:


Coach, During game

1) Responding to a referee initiating communication,
2) Making substitutions,
3) Pointing out emergencies or safety issues.

Halftime or at end of game

1) Ask for a clarification or to explain a rule(s) or call,
2) Provide polite or friendly feedback.

Spectators, Parents, etc… (at any time)

1) Referee initiating a communication,
2) Pointing out emergencies or safety issues.


Minor: 1st offense) Verbal Warning or CAUTION.
         2nd offense) Dismissal & Ejection from the field (subject to additional disciplinary action).

Major: Dismissal & Ejection from the field (subject to additional disciplinary action).

The Portsmouth Police department (683-0300) has been apprised of our policy and will be called to remove any individual ejected from a PYSA activity if they do not immediately leave if/when ejected. We are very serious!


All present, (including Coaches and spectators) will assist the referee in dealing with a non-supporting individual.


All communications are to be polite, respectful and constructive. Sarcasm, harassment or intimidation by any individual will not be tolerated!


All children (players & referees) are to be addressed in a positive and constructive manner (by parents, spectators, coaches, referees etc…). All children are to be addressed, as you would want your child addressed by an adult. Violations* will be handled in the same manner as stated above.


Chain of responsibility at PYSA activity: Coach, Referee, Division Director, PYSA Board member (Highest).


Parents are encouraged to remove their own children from any PYSA activity, which they feel is unacceptable or unsafe, while also fully abiding by the PYSA ZERO Tolerance Policy (above).


Any and all issues which anyone has a question or comment on should be brought to the attention of a Coach, Division Director or a PYSA Board member (683-0011 ext.# 1) via a telephone call after the match has been completed, away from the PYSA field site. In some cases a written statement will be requested.


Remember, these are our youth, it’s just a game and the kids are just here to have fun, learn about soccer, learn about winning & losing and learning about teamwork & sportsmanship!


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