Thank you again to all players that participated in this year's tryout. Our Coordinators have tried to place each player on a team that will best support their overall growth and development as a soccer player. For any questions with respect to tryouts and/or tryout results, please contact your Age-Level Coordinator first. If required, please contact the President of PYSA at with any other questions or concerns.

GU10A – Chris Kidd
Almilli, O
Baker, L
Bentle, S
Gervelis, E
Helie, G
Kidd, K
Mitchell-Chenoweth, S
O’Hara, R
Pilotte, H
Silva, E
Sun, M


GU10B – Marc Adams
Adams, M
Adams, S
Alexander, G
Coyle, B
Devolve, M
Ferrazzoli, S
Gray, B
McCabe, M
Roman, P
St. Laurent, H


GU9A – Scott Gallo
Cameron, L
Cox, E
Fox, O
Gallo, M
Rainey, J
Smith, A
Tavares, R
Violette, E