Summer Administration

The only real pre-requisite to volunteer for a Summer Recreation Administrative position is that you are a caring, interested parent who is willing to commit and take responsibility for making it happen. Keep in mind that the person you replace is just a phone call away and would be more than happy to guide you in the right direction, as would all previous members of the Board. Please also remember that programs won't continue to happen next year just because they happened this year. Volunteers are needed to insure that programs will continue, so children can play.

President: Coordinate efforts of all PYSA staff so that PYSA Summer Rec program happens as planned. Liaison between town/state and all Portsmouth Youth Soccer Association programs.

Director of Coaches: Recruits Volunteer Coaches. Assigns children onto teams that have registered and have been placed into a division by the registrar. 

Registrar: Coordinates the registration process. Enters new registrants into data base. Enters all registrants into leagues (point and click). 

Referees Coordinator: Coordinates and recruits youth referees. Schedules referees for PYSA Summer Rec games.

Most activity occurs in April, May and June. Light activity January, February & March. One meeting held during the fall. Please volunteer now. If you don't, your child might not have a program to participate in!