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Coach Sportsmanship
and Volunteer Awards

The annual Coach Sportsmanship Award is given in honor of Dr. Tim Cleary, a coach who always brought a positive outlook to the soccer field. Congratulations to our 2019 Cleary Sportsmanship Award recipient, Coach Sean Casey, for teaching his players the importance of fair play, respect, and having fun on the soccer field. 

The annual Volunteer Award is given in honor of Dr. Norman Cote, an administrator, coach, and fan who for many years supported the PYSA programs. Congratulations and thank you to our 2019 Cote Volunteer Award recipient, Juli Chytka, for serving as the Treasurer. 

Cote Award 2019_edited.jpg

Juli Chytka

2019 Cote Award Recipient

Cleary Award 2019_edited.jpg

Sean Casey

2019 Cleary Award Recipient

2019 Tournament Patch Design Winner

Each year PYSA holds a contest asking Portsmouth Pirates players to submit a new patch design for our Portsmouth Invitational Soccer Tournament. This is a way for the players to help us promote our tournament and the winning design is featured on the tournament patches, apparel, and trophies. For the 28th anniversary of our tournament, we would like to congratulate Aidan Chen (boys U14) for his winning design. Click on the link below to view all of our tournament patches going back to 1993.

2019 Fall Tournament Results