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2023 Winter
Footwork Challenge

All PYSA players are invited to participate in our annual Footwork Challenge leading up to the start of the spring season. For each age group, there is a footwork chart players can practice at home. Every time a player completes one column in their chart, they can log their progress below. Players will earn one raffle ticket every time they complete a column in their footwork chart, and there is no limit to how many raffle tickets a player can earn. Players can compete within their own age group, as well as higher age groups. 

At the end of the challenge (February 24th), there will be a raffle for the following:

  • Player Prizes: One player from each age group will win $40 to Dick's Sporting Goods.

  • Team Prizes: One team will win an indoor field rental and pizza at Teamworks.

Links to print out the footwork charts for each age group are shown below, as well as demonstration videos for each challenge. We'll announce the winners and notable achievements via our Facebook Page. Good luck and have fun!     

U12 Core 300 Challenge

U14 Core 400 Challenge

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