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PYSA Insurance
Director/Officer Liability Insurance Policy
Liability Insurance for Officers/Board - $1M, Policy #PHSDI77369
Renewal – annually, late April


Brokered thru Smithwick & Mariners Insurance (Rich Shinn)
77 N. Water St
New Bedford, MA 02740
(800) 348-1405
(508) 990-7733 (Fax)
(508) 400-6217 (Cell)


SRI Insurance

SRI Insurance - $5M total per occurrence, broken down as follows:

• $1M General Liability (Virginia Surety Insurance Co)
• $1M Non-owned hired auto liability (VSIC)
• $4M Excess/Umbrella Liability (Great American Ins Co)

Also, per occurrence:

• $100K Participant Accident Medical (Hartford Life & Accident)
• SRI policy covers a negligent act that occurs/is alleged by a third party (ie, parent, guardian, etc.) against coach

PYSA is insured under these policies.
Renewal – Thru SRI, annually, Sept 1st


Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are provided for all venues that PYSA uses (i.e., schools, fields, etc). These need to be delivered to Town and other parties after renewal. Also, we can request additional COIs from SRI as needed.


Making a Claim
Notify SRI of the incident including name, address, and phone number of injured along with location and date/time.

Both parties should complete Medical Claim form (located on SRI forms web page) and forward to the SRI Office (address is on the form). If the injured person has primary medical insurance, the SRI insurance will cover all co-pays and anything else not covered by the primary insurer. If the injured person has no medical insurance, the SRI insurance kicks in for all expenses after a $100 deductible.


Once SRI receives the claim form, they review for completeness, certify the player/coach is registered with SRI and forwards it to their insurance carrier who in turn, forwards the form to the adjuster. The adjuster will then contact the parents (by mail) with a claim number and instructions for submitting further invoices and receipts. This can take 4 to 6 weeks to get started.

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