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PYSA Summer Recreational Rules for U4 & U6


PYSA soccer is governed by the 17 Laws of Soccer as published by the United States Soccer Federation, with the following additions and/or modifications.

Special Rules:


Note: On field coaching is allowed.

a) Miscellaneous:

Heading - No "heading" instruction/encouragement for PYSA.

b) Playing time:
Required - Each child will play at least half of every game attended. (Except for discipline situations, or injury).
Recommended - Each child should get the same (approx.) amount of playing time. Players who exhibit good sportsmanship, try hard, have good attendance (prior notification when they can’t come) should be rewarded with additional playing time opportunities.

Coaches to coordinate the following prior to start of match:
Recommended - Players of equal strengths should play each other.
Recommended - Let least prolific lineup play during the fourth period of some games.
Recommended - Short manned teams may use players from opposing team so that game is not forfeited/canceled.

c) Injuries:
When the referee has deemed a player has been injured, play shall be stopped within 3 seconds. Substitution required. 

d) Restricted areas:
The area behind the end lines and a three foot strip along each touch line shall be kept clear of spectators, players and coaches at all times during the game. Coaches/teams must stay on their own end of the sidelines. Coaches/teams and parents/spectators will occupy opposite sidelines during matches.

I. Field of Play:
The field size is 20 x 30 (yards).

II. The Ball:
The size of the ball is size three (3).

III. Number of Players:
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of three field players.  There are no goalkeepers.
Only players rostered to a team by PYSA may play on that team. No exceptions (except short manned team with players from opposing team). 


Substitutions are allowed at any stoppage and are unlimited.

IV. Player Equipment:
Sneakers or soft rubber cleats are the only allowable footwear. Players wearing items, which the referee considers dangerous to other players, must remove the items prior to play. If play has already started, the referee will stop play, have items removed, or order the offending player from the field. The player may be substituted and the opposing team allowed a like number of substitutions. Shin-guards are MANDATORY; no player shall be allowed to play without them. Mouth-guards are optional. Players may not wear jewelry including but not limited to earrings and bracelets nor hard headbands.

V. Referee:
Club referees will not be assigned to U4 and U6 games.  Coaches or the duty parent will officiate.  All infractions should be explained to the players.

VI. Linesman:
There are no linemen for U4 and U6 games.

VII. Duration of Play:
The match will be played in four 8 minute quarters.

Two minute break between 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th periods. Five minute break between 1st & 2nd half. One of the officials (duty parent or coach) shall be in charge of time-keeping.

VIII. Start of Play:
As per laws of the game. Opponents of the team taking the kick-off are at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

IX. Ball In and Out of Play:
As per laws of the game.

X. Scoring:
As per laws of the game.

XI. Offside:
There is no offside.

XII. Fouls and Misconduct:
As per laws of the game with the exception that all fouls shall result in an indirect free kick.  The coach/parent must explain ALL infringements to the offending player.

XIII. Free Kick:
All free kicks are indirect and the opponents at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

XIV. Penalty Kick:
There are no penalty kicks.

XV. Throw-In:
As per laws of the game with the exception that opponents remain at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.

XVI. Goal Kick:

The goal kick shall be taken anywhere within the goal box.  Opposing players must remain on their half of the field until the ball is passed across the midfield line.

XVII. Corner Kick:
As per laws of the game with the exception that opponents remain at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play

(edited 2015).

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