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Summer Recreation Program for U8 through U14
The goal for these age groups is to allow kids to get together and have fun playing soccer. The focus is not on individual training or competing to win the most games. The objective of the Summer Recreational Soccer program is to encourage free play, provide equal playing time, and give kids the opportunity to play different positions. 


Shin pads are required.

Soft rubber cleats or sneakers are required.

No jewelry including, but not limited to, earrings, bracelets, and hard headbands.

Bring a water bottle for each practice.

Parent snack duty schedule will be provided by coach.

Team shirt is provided.


Being a soccer coach for these age groups does not require soccer skills, only a general knowledge about the rules of play (which are described below). The primary responsibilities for our volunteer coaches are to organize the team substitutions and encourage the kids to have fun. There will be a few minutes to warm-up with a training drill before each scrimmage, but team training is not focus of this program. Additional information will be provided to our coaches before the season begins.


Overview Chart

Rules of Play

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