Summer Recreation Program for U4 and U6
The goal for this age group is to introduce the players to the most basic concepts of soccer (dribbling, kicking, running, and scoring goals!), help them improve their social skills, and most importantly have fun!
The PYSA Summer Recreation program for U4 and U6 includes activity games before each scrimmage. In our older divisions (U8-U14), scrimmages are the focus of Summer Recreation; however, at this age level, a small group of athletic kids can often dominate a scrimmage, which means the other kids are not getting touches on the ball. Activity games (e.g., sharks and minnows) are a lot of fun and allow each kid to have a ball at their feet while learning to dribble, kick, and run.
The Summer Recreation sessions for U4 and U6 will last approximately one hour and consist of the following:

  • 15 minutes of activity games

  • 45 minutes of scrimmage

  • Water and snack breaks!


Shin pads are required.

Soft rubber cleats or sneakers are required.

No jewelry including, but not limited to, earrings, bracelets, and hard headbands.

Bring a water bottle for each practice.

Parent snack duty schedule will be provided by coach.

Team shirt is provided.


Being a soccer coach for this age group does not require soccer skills. All you need is a positive attitude and a little patience. We try to recruit at least two volunteers to coach each team. A typical session will include enough time for a warm up, an activity game, and then a scrimmage. Take water breaks between each activity and a snack break during half time of the scrimmage.  

Warm Ups

Each practice should start with a short warm up to get the kids moving around and having fun. Warm ups don't need to include the soccer ball and can include almost any activity: skipping, running, stretching, crawling, and jumping. Games like “Tag the Coach”, “Freeze Tag”, or “Simon Says” work well. 

Activity Games

Links to some of our favorite activity games for U4/U6 are included on our Coaching Resources page. There should be enough time to play at least one activity game before each scrimmage. It's OK to repeat these activity games throughout the season. In fact the kids will likely request their favorite games over and over again (e.g., shark and minnows). 


Teams will play against each other in a 3v3 scrimmage (without goalies) after the activity games. Each scrimmage will be about 40 minutes long and include four 8-minute periods with 2-minute water breaks and a 5-minute half time. 


Overview Chart

Rules of Play